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Paediatric endocrinologist fees

Here at the Child Growth Clinic, I’m passionate about helping children who have hormone problems. If needed tests are carried out to identify the underlying cause and effective treatments are recommended to balance hormone levels.

I am located in Leeds and I see children from across the UK and overseas. Take a look at my prices below; feel free to contact me via email for more details.
International Patients
I am proud to have welcomed families from the Far East, Asia, Africa and the Americas for a specialist opinion.
New Patient Consultation: £220
Follow up Consultation: £150
Blood tests, scans and ward tests are determined by the hospital. These costs are available on request.

Private Medical Insurance

I am a registered with all major medical insurance companies. A referral letter from the GP would be required to validate the insurance. Please check with your insurance company the extent of funding available for consultations and tests. You would be liable to cover any difference.

Self-Funding Patients

A GP referral letter is useful but not always necessary for self-funding patients. An invoice will be sent to you after the clinic appointment. Your credit or debit card will be scanned by the hospital on arrival, however consultant fees are charged separately.

Looking for a paediatric endocrinologist in Leeds?

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